You are solely responsible for the potential consequences, which may arise pertaining to the use of the book and the information contained in it.

The publisher and the author of the book exercised extreme care to do their best when they prepared the book for publishing. The author and publisher of the book does not warrant or disclaim that the information in this book is totally complete or they do not warrant any guarantees about the outcomes pertaining to the consequences of the use of the information contained in this book. The information contained in the book is purely theoretical and informational. However; if you intend to apply the information, which you read in the book, you will agree that you assume all responsibilities pertaining to it, thereafter.

The author and publisher declare that they waive all pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages that may arise from the use of this book, disclaiming that you are fully responsible for the use of the book.

The information contained in this book is for information purposes only. The information in the book is far from and has nothing got to do with making diagnoses, providing treatment or providing any other medical reports, recommendations, or medical practices. The information contained in this book cannot be compared to and cannot be superior to opinions of specialist doctors. No part of this book can be used for self-medication. Moreover, it cannot be used instead of or for the purposes of replacing any treatment method given by any health institution or a doctor. The author and publisher do not accept any responsibility for the use of this book by the users. The information contained therein should be considered merely as the author’s opinion.

The information contained in the book is purely informational and may not be suitable for everyone. You should consult with a doctor to make sure that the information in the book is appropriate for you. Practicing any exercises or any incorrect practices, which are performed without consulting a doctor may cause injuries. Only a doctor can tell if the exercises in the book are appropriate for you. The author and publisher disclaim that they waive any responsibilities, pertaining to any injury or any psychological or physical disorders that may arise from practicing the information in the book.

Reading this book means that you assume the responsibility for taking all potential risks, which may arise due to any practice of the exercises and techniques in the book. By reading this book, you are acknowledged that you are warned of any adverse conditions, and you are assumed that you accept all responsibilities pertaining to any potential risks.

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