The End of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in a more elaborate term, is a type of male sexual dysfunction characterized by insufficient erection or inability to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse.

Just like the problem of premature ejaculation, it occurs due to physical and psychological reasons. First of all, we have to relinquish the habit of making self-diagnosis. Experiencing erectile problems once or twice during sexual intercourse does not indicate the presence of ED, but it can be a sign of an impending problem. A diagnosis of ED can only be made if the problem keeps repeating.

The underlying causes can have important consequences that can take away the comfort of life in the coming years. Another point to note is that the mood of a man, specifically in some periods in his life, may take part in triggering the problem. That’s why it is advisable that the problem should be diagnosed by a specialist physician after a thorough medical check-up.

Then why did I write the book “The End of Erectile Dysfunction”?

What does it work for?

Regardless of age, almost every man confronts ED in certain periods of his life. Some situations may arise, where he does not know what to do or with whom to consult. It can be very hard for you, too, to experience the problems, which many friends of mine, as well as myself, had been through. I underwent medical check-ups and I was informed that I had no physical problems. Then I overcame ED adopting some changes in my lifestyle. Then; my buddy, too, followed the same path when he encountered a similar problem and said that he buried ED in history.

I did not include any unnatural solutions in the book. Medications and prescriptions are within physicians’ fields of interest and knowledge. Ignore people around you if they come to you advising some medications or pills.
It is possible to determine whether there is an advanced physical disorder, such as neural damage, only after undergoing a specialist physician’s examinations. Similarly, advanced psychological problems can only be solved by getting support from specialist psychologists.

However, there is a fact that most men unintentionally impair their general and sexual well-being due to their preferred lifestyles. The emergence of the book is based on a similar story.

My profession requires me to live a stressful life while doing a desk job. When I faced the erection problem first, my buddy and the internet were the two key ways out immediately occurring to me. When I ransacked the web, I gathered some information about the possible causes in general. I wish I did not! I kept reading all kind of advice on the left of the screen about “miracle pills” in the following days whenever I used the search engine. I started to see five pill-advising e-mails every day when I read my e-mails routinely. I recognized that the marketing and advertising sector has already outdone the ordinary boundaries after I started to receive SMS regularly about “miracle pills”.

Being bombarded makes one feel worse. When the issue is “virility” and “potence”, the minds starts moving away from optimism. We sometimes go through the periods when we live with temporary solutions outweighing our wellbeing only for the aim of saving our days. However, the solution is neither complicated nor far away. It is possible to achieve a peaceful and happy sexual life by implementing some changes in our daily routines. It is possible for you, too, to achieve success using the information in my book.

No More Complaints

What’s in the book?

Neither a desk job nor spending your hours driving around or standing in a fixed place will keep you away from facing ED. Occupational circumstances, your acquired habits, incorrect practices or anything you implemented into your lifestyle may all result in ED collectively. In the book, I addressed the ways for you to recover from ED while improving your general wellbeing. Below are some headlines from my book EED; “The End of Erectile Dysfunction”.

  • Facts About ED
  • Causes of ED
  • Significance of Blood Circulation
  • Self-criticism
  • Improving Blood Circulation
  • 10 Enemies to Avoid
  • Best Foods to Improve Blood Circulation
  • Clearing the Mind
  • 21-Day Action Plan
  • The Period After 21 Days


Beat ED Naturally

My goal is to prevent you from looking for the solution in miracle pills. I would like you to know that you can beat ED naturally while avoiding any workaround solutions having user leaflets with unknown content to you but tens of side effects.

When you look for “erection”, “erection problems” or “what to eat to achieve erection” etc. in search engines, the number of results you found actually shows how big the market share is. When I performed a search, I was informed that the number of results was 1,500,000. As the market share is so high, it is not difficult to understand why the workarounds are imposed.

Make Your Women Happy

Bonus Book: Make Your Woman Happy

I believe that the book can change the things you know about women. You can use this book to please your partner leading her to experience one or a number of unforgettable orgasms. You can use the methods in the book to lead a woman to experience orgasm either during or after ED.

I suggest we start by accepting that sex does not take place just between the legs. I think that any of the positions shown in the films will not go beyond just satisfying the Male Ego. You must have already noticed that the engravings in our subconscious, made by the film industry, serve only to lead men to orgasm. And if women make sacrifices even though they cannot orgasm, can you guess what happens when they reach orgasm?

According to research, only 1 out of every 4 women has a real orgasm. Others are pretending that they have orgasms. I, personally, do not like to be deluded… How about you?

The information in the content of this book does not replace any specialist’s or doctor’s recommendations. It is intended solely to provide information. Implementing the information in the book or not will be entirely at your discretion. When you decide to buy the book, you will agree that the author is not a professional consultant. I have to declare that I have waived any material and non-pecuniary damages arising from the use of the information in the book.

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