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Sometimes it’s better to come late

Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice

The choice is in your hands…

This is a 12-week program for you to make a change in your choice.

You do not realize at the moment but Early (Premature) Ejaculation Is a Choice. It is Your Choice…

This program I offer you may help change your choice.

Dear Friend, early ejaculation curbs your self-confidence in the bedroom and eventually demolishes it. It may even terminate your love life.

  • Have you ever apologized to your partner because you came before the intercourse?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed for not satisfying her?
  • Has your girlfriend left you because you ejaculated prematurely?
  • No! Not now. Oh no! It’s too early… Have you ever found yourself stressed out by thinking over “not now”?

You know best what you have been through. You’re worried about what’s going to happen next. Premature ejaculation brings about feelings of anxiety, shame, and loss of self-confidence. Negative feelings affect you not only in the bedroom, but they change your point of view on women in daily life as well. If you don’t take control, you will finally have a hard time even talking to women.

What a final! Am I wrong? You are not going to keep your partner unsatisfied in bed repeatedly due to your concerns. You are back to the point where you started. Even worse, because you are now about to find it difficult to speak to a woman. How do I know? I experienced the same. And thanks to the method I developed; now I am able to stay on the peaks of pleasure for minutes.

Hope always exists!

I have developed a system that can change your life forever. Don’t worry, I am going to share it with you but I want to talk about myself first. I had a premature ejaculation problem like you. The problem started with my first attempt of making love. It even reached to the point over time that I had days when came in my pants. I lost my confidence in front of women just like you. I didn’t care at first. But then I realized that I was in a group of men who couldn’t satisfy their girlfriends.

Women slept with me only once; then, I have never seen them. The women I paid for having sex had the easiest job of their lives. Why?  It was because I ejaculated at the moment they touched me; I often ejaculated without a need for them touching me. Then I offered them more money so that they will tell me fantastic lies about how amazing I was. I had designed a set up for myself in my way. Then, one day, I had a girlfriend who really loved me, appreciated me, and believed in me.

We had a great relationship, and the plans for the future were incessant. We were at the peaks of love. Our only drawback was the happiness in our bedroom. She managed for a while. But one morning; when I woke up, I saw her sitting in the bed. She was crying and begged me to do something. She wanted to have pleasure, but I was not competent to do so; I could not! It was no brainer that I would lose the woman of my life unless I resolved the issue. I wouldn’t be the first to be abandoned, as I have heard of so many examples of this kind; even I experienced them myself. I made my decision; the next day I was at the doctor’s office.

I visited a specialist who asked me to practice Kegel exercises in the first session. I started to practice with great enthusiasm, but the situation became worse. I changed my doctor. Start – Stop technique… Contract-release technique… I practiced whatever I found. There was not a single page on the web that I have never visited; there was not a single reference I did not read. I paid a lot of money to drugs, toys, condoms, and creams even when I knew that they would not work. None of them worked. I spent a long time spending money on methods that did not work. I finally developed my own system.

NOTE: I repeat here once more that my system is not a drug or medication.

It is not the exercise schedule of a person at all, who experienced premature ejaculation himself. I am talking about a natural exercise system that will allow you to control premature ejaculation and have a happy sex life for the rest of your life. My program is quite successful; the users of the program are now able to ejaculate when they like to do so. Pay attention! I uttered the words “when they like”. If they want to drive their partners crazy for 10 minutes, they do it after 10 minutes; or after 30 minutes. It is only a personal choice depending on individuals. They can even use the Premature Ejaculation Choice if they do not have time and like to ejaculate together with their partner immediately. They can perform in bed as long as they like to. They are like superheroes in the eyes of their girlfriends. Instead of telling the bad memories of the night, their girlfriends talk about their heroes, making the friends jealous.

How does the program work?

Following the schedule of the program day by day, you can achieve your desired goal after a 47-hour training. What is waiting for you in the program week by week?

The 12-Week Program

1 – 4 Weeks (Preparation)

In the first 4 weeks, you will learn how to take control of the most powerful sexual organ in your body: “Your Mind”. I will teach you to step by step how you can control your mind during sex.

1st Week The thinking pattern of the winners.
2nd Week Reining your thoughts and feelings
3rd Week Preparing your body for the utmost pleasure
4th Week Transition to the second stage of control. You are going to experience the pleasure as you’ve never had before.

5 – 8th Weeks: Road Map

Discover your own excitation map. So you can fully take control of your ejaculation. Discover your body and your sex life with this map, which you won’t find anywhere else.

5th Week Raising the ejaculation threshold. You should raise the bar to delay your ejaculation.
6th Week Strengthen your senses. Learn how to process sounds, images, and feelings.
7th Week Discover your excitation map.
8th Week Getting rid of the performance anxiety.

9 – 12th Weeks

So far, you will have learned how the ejaculation mechanism works and how it is controlled. In this section, you will learn how to improve the functions of your muscles.

9th Week Meet your naive and sensitive muscles
10th Week You are relieved and now you can have fun in this part
11th Week You can touch your partner, you can kiss, and prolong the foreplay as long as you like.
12th Week You’re in control; you can ejaculate… At the moment you want it !!!

What you have learned about the “premature ejaculation treatment” so far has been 99.9% in the sense of urban legends. Incorrect information and methods cause the problem to persist and they aggravate them further. The ones, who introduce themselves as the experts, recommend “KEGEL exercises” at first hand. As I mentioned earlier KEGEL exercises will not solve your problem. It can even make the situation worse. Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve probably listened to all other recommendations but they did not work.

Think of a football match while you make love, put your penis in an ice bucket, pull your testicles upwards, practice Kegel exercises, and so on. I can still continue listing them. For example; if you are afraid of premature ejaculation, please your partner with oral sex. They are only the attempts of self-deception. Certainly, they are not methods to resolve the issue. Flight does not always lead to salvation. Making a long story short; none of these attempts addresses the issue accurately to provide a solution.

  • You do not need any creams.
  • You do not need any toys.
  • You do not need any pills.
  • You do not need a condom (for the sole purpose of delaying the ejaculation). )

I would like to prevent you from spending money on any stupid thing called a “miracle”. You have been already ready when you were born and everything you need is present in your body. You deserve a satisfactory sexual life. You should not see any pain or disappointment in your partner’s eyes anymore. You can be successful. I am going to teach you the way to do it. It is sometimes good to be late.

When you change your choice, you will find everything you need in this pack in order to join the latecomers club.

You should read the book “Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice” and the related bonus books. Is there an emergency? Right tonight? Do you need to perform in the bed longer? Do not worry! I will help you to overcome the issues for the night in the best way, using the emergency action plan.

When you download the book “Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice”, you will have the auxiliary book “Emergency Action Plan”, too. Is everything ready to make sex tonight? Are you afraid of coming early? Would you like to satisfy your partner in sex? Are you young or inexperienced? Are you mature and experienced? You do not have much time and you are in search of something that will work. Regardless of the circumstances, you are going to have a magnificent night owing to my unique secret plan.

I am telling you in advance that there is no place for these below:

  • No pills
  • No sprays
  • No creams
  • No Kegel’s
  • No start-stop
  • No squeeze

Thanks & User Reviews

I would like to thank my older readers who have shared with me by email their knowledge and feelings and who have let me know that I have made a difference in their love lives which gave me confidence.

Robert M.

Hi Master, I had some reservations when I bought the book. I wondered how a book could work. It’s a good thing I bought the book and practiced the exercises in it. I have been afraid of approaching women so far due to this ailment. My sexual life is now in order, thank you.

Daniel C.

First of all, I greet you. Then, I would like to thank you. Moreover, I buried my early coming issue in history just in the 7th day session owing to the book “Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice”. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Of course, I am going to complete the 90-day program. The outcomes I achieved on the 7th day of the program are incredible. Thanks to the friend who wrote this program.

Marc W.

Hello, I have never thought that premature ejaculation could be treated this way. The more I practiced the exercises in the book, the more I had confidence in myself. I beg your pardon for saying that I tried several things before; like condoms, creams, etc.; but none of them brought in a permanent solution. I understood that everything actually starts and ends in the brain. Thanks.

Peter M.

Greetings, I bought your book at the weekend and read all of the pages one by one. The information you provided is very useful.

Martin A.

When I found out that it was an e-book, I despaired at the beginning. I was thinking of something like a medicine, but then I decided to buy the book. It was very good that I could have the book always with me and read it whenever I liked. I’m married, so having an e-book is a big advantage. When I go out or when I need to refresh my island of knowledge, I can read it on my mobile phone.

Serhat G.

I was relieved when I found out that the problem was completely psychological. Then, I talked with a psychologist for 1-2 sessions. I had a hard time telling; I stopped attending the sessions although I had to do so. Then I found this book. Thank you very much indeed. The exercises I practiced started to work. I am doing fine right now.


The comments you see above are personal and do not mean authority. If the information in the book can be applied correctly, the result can vary from person to person.

Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice; Buy it now.

First of all, I believe in my program. This is based on the grounds that I had positive feedback from the users who have implemented my program. There is nothing to lose; it is a 90-day guarantee to return your money. If you do not achieve any success after you have practiced the program, you can demand your money back within 90 days.

What you should absolutely know before you buy!

I need a solution right for tonight. What can I do?

Great! If you like to delay your ejaculation tonight, the “Emergency Plan” is right for you. You can increase the pleasure you will have tonight by folds in 7 simple steps. Even this bonus book, the gift of the main book “Premature Ejaculation Is a Choice”, will be sufficient for pleasing you.

What's in the program?

You will not be directed to any media to buy things like pills, sprays, creams, etc. We are conditioned to help you instead of taking your money with cheating and fake treatments. Everything you need is in your body and in this book. Before asking yourself if this book is expensive; think about how much money you have spent or will spend on other materials like pills, creams, etc. Calculate the fee of a session of an assessment visit.

What kind of exercises are there in the program? Or is it KEGEL?

Many men’s complaints have become worse than they were previously due to the erroneous introduction of Kegel exercises and their inaccurate practices. These men were deceived by the iceberg’s visible parts. Now, you need to forget about all of these old-fashioned and harmful methods like squeezing and start-stop techniques.

You mentioned about some 47 hours; does it mean that it will take 2 days?

As far as I understand, you are asking if you are going to be ready tomorrow at 9.00 am when you start practicing at 10.00 am today? Of course, no! I’m talking about an exercise program of 47 hours. You have to practice appropriately to get to the level exactly as you like. I have spread this 47-hour workout throughout a period of 12 weeks to make things easier. I believe that you will achieve success by practicing the exercises regularly every day as they are defined in the book.

What can you say about the Price and Payment Process? Is it safe?

As I mentioned earlier, if you think about all other material to pay like pills, creams, sprays, etc., I can say that the book is at a quite affordable price of $99. Just remember, you are going to make a one-time payment. You would not only be running out of all other materials you would otherwise buy, but you will have to regularly pay for replacing them in the coming months. Moreover, you are going to do nothing more than fooling yourself. You will be throwing out a lot of money on the street for nothing.

You tell that it is an e-book is called, how is it delivered?

I use the infrastructure of the company called OdaklıPazar Ltd. for receiving the payments. You can make the payment using your credit card, debit card. It’s completely safe, and you will not experience any trouble. After the payment is completed, the login details to read my book will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Then, you can read the book on a smartphone, PC, MAC, or tablet after you log in to our member area. Since it is not a printed hardcopy of the book, there will be no shipment to your home address. If you pay it right now, you can start reading the book in less than 10 minutes.

Our sponsor company, OdaklıPazar Ltd., undertakes the payment procedures.  All responsibility related to payment procedures belongs to the company OdaklıPazar. Our payment page is 100% safe. These are specially developed 128-bit encrypted pages starting with “https”. This is a system maintained by OdaklıPazar Ltd, which is one of the most reliable sales companies in Turkey. If you prefer to make the payment with your credit card, debit card, Sofort, Giropay, or Ideal; you will be redirected to the page where you can download your e-book after your payment is transacted.

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